Golden Retriever Poodle Mix – The Goldendoodle

The Golden Retriever Poodle mix, often referred to as a Goldendoodle or a Goldie Poo, is a newer dog mix that was largely developed in Australia and North America due to the huge popularity of the Poodle and Lab mix. First generations of these dogs are a mixture between a Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever. These dogs have primarily been bred to be beloved family pets, although they do make great service dogs as well. The mix blends well with most families, they are friendly and easy to train, and they have a low-shedding coat, which many dog owners appreciate. Here’s a closer look at the history, appearance, temperament, and health of the Golden Retriever Poodle mix.

Origin and History

Poodle hybrids continue to be very popular, particularly within the last 20-30 years. The term, “Goldendoodle” wasn’t used until the 1990s, and the mix was originally developed to be a guide dog for individuals who were vision impaired who had dog allergies. Soon, other breeders started crossing the Standard Poodle and Golden to see if they could create a dog combination that was just as popular as the Labradoodle hybrid.

The first generation of the Golden Retriever Poodle Mix is always a result of the combination of a Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever. These dogs usually don’t have consistent traits and they may be either more like a Poodle or more like a Golden. The first generation dogs aren’t a good option for individuals who have dog allergies. However, when a first generation Goldendoodle is bred to a Poodle, which is known as a first-generation backcross, this cross usually results in dogs that are better for individuals dealing with allergies. When Goldendoodles are bred with other Goldendoodles, this is known as a multi-generational Goldendoodle, and they are most likely to have consistent characteristics, making them the best option for individuals who have allergies.

Currently, the UKC, the CKC, and the AKC do not recognize the Golden Retriever Poodle mix as a distinct breed. However, many breeders are working hard to standardize this mix so they are eventually recognized by purebred dog registries.


In first generation Goldendoodles, their appearance may vary greatly. Some may look more like the Poodle while others may look more like the Golden Retriever. However, as generations get farther from the initial cross of the two breeds, they end up with a more consistent appearance. The multi-generation Goldendoodle is usually a medium sized dog that has a wavy to curly soft coat that hangs in ringlets all over the body. The mix usually has mischievous, soulful eyes and facial expressions that are adorable and endearing. Since these dogs are a hybrid, their heights and weights can vary greatly, although their size is generally in the mid-range of the Golden and the Standard Poodle. They may also have coats that come in various colors, including black, grey, chocolate, red, cream, brown, apricot, and gold.

Goldendoodle Temperament

No matter the generation, the Golden Retriever Poodle mix generally has a friendly, outgoing personality, which is why they make such great pets for families. Their outgoing, affable personality also makes them a wonderful companion dog for individuals who have disabilities. These dogs are affectionate, cheerful, and gentle, and they are smart and easy to train, particularly because they have a desire to please people. When they are socialized properly, Goldendoodles get along well with other pets and with small children as well.

Since the Goldendoodle is a very social dog, they need plenty of affection and attention. If they are left alone for long periods, they may get into trouble or develop behavioral problems. This hybrid also requires a moderate amount of exercise, which means they do well in both rural and urban environments.


Since the Goldendoodle doesn’t shed a lot, they don’t require a lot of grooming. They do need brushed regularly to make sure that dead hair is eliminated, since they don’t shed much on their own. It’s usually a good idea to bathe these dogs every few months to keep the coat and skin in good shape. The hair that grows over the eyes may need trimmed, and they also need to have their toenails trimmed if they don’t wear them down naturally.

Working Roles

These dogs have often been used as service dogs, particularly for those who have dog allergies. Since they love to please, they are smart, and they are so friendly, Goldendoodles make excellent service dogs. The hybrid also makes a great companion dog for individuals who have disabilities.


As this hybrid continues to enjoy a richer genetic variation, the hybrid will start to become healthier, and eventually Goldendoodles will probably live longer than both of the parental lines. Currently, the Golden Retriever Poodle mix generally lives between 10 and 14 years. Some of the diseases they may be predisposed to include:

  • Skin disorders
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Von Willebrand’s disease
  • Patellar luxation
  • Obesity
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Orthopedic problems
  • Ichthyosis

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